Every parent we have ever met wants to have a smart child and be a smart parent. Raising a child is the most important responsibility anyone will ever have and can provide the most pleasure and reward.

SMART PARENT/SMART CHILD is the revolutionary philosophy that all children are incredibly intelligent from the moment they are born. When parents have learned understanding, respect, highly developed communication and relationship skills and development related expertise, it is amazing what a child can accomplish and, in fact, each child will achieve his maximum potential.

Our mission is to help you achieve that goal. The key to a child's education and success is a skilled, knowledgeable, informed and educated parent.

This blog addresses specific issues, to really be the best parent possible the book is a must!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays!

World Peace
With a Truly
Non-Violent Home
Let Us Commit
To Bring A Real A Real Peace
To All
Love 2016

Friday, December 11, 2015

What Can I Say To My Child About The Unbelievable Violence That Exists In The World?

It is important to realize that your child may be hearing about violent situations from sources other than you. This makes it extremely important that the issue be discussed.

We have lived by a totally non-violent philosophy and shared that with the children in our care.
Here are some guidelines that have worked for us.


1. Acknowledge that there are some people in the world who do mean or hurtful things. This is because they have not learned to resolve their differences with other people by using their words like your child should be encouraged to do.

2. Share the names of some of individuals or groups i.e. police, firemen, rescue workers, doctors, nurses, family members and friends who help people all the time.

3. Identify some of the ways you always check to make sure everyone is safe.

Do not

1. Ever allow your child to watch the news or any violent form of entertainment.

2. Automatically assume that a G rated movie or video is appropriate for your child.

3. Provide violent details if they inquire about the meaning of some actions they have overheard.

I am hoping that with all the violence and hatred we are exposed to right now that we, as parents, make a commitment to creating a more positive, caring, embracing world for our children.

Additional thoughts

1. The most successful way to achieve that goal is to raise our children with a non-violent philosophy!

2. Our children are not bad or good. They break a rule or follow a rule. They may listen or not listen. They may be empathetic or non-caring. Focus on the action without labeling their character.

3 .They must be given the skills to resolve their issues or communicate their needs verbally.

4. There are no violent toys allowed. They should not make guns out of other objects, hit a friend, call them an unkind name or make shooting sounds while pointing their finger. Shooting hurts people, it cannot be part of a game.

5. Encourage and expect your child to be more creative in their games. We play family roles, create villages, open restaurants, go on trips and build museums for examples of good play. Children become amazingly creative when we outline clear expectations.

Let’s make a commitment to creating a better world for our children.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Guidelines For The Holidays!

We all want our holiday experience to be the best possible! To help make that happen, we are sharing some of our Do and Donts so everyone can be happy and healthy!


1. Have a very positive discussion with your child regarding the specific activities for each day and what you expect from them. This may need to include appropriate phrases for them to communicate so they feel at ease. This should include their skill answering questions, especially if they are interacting with new people.

2. Request that all your friends and relatives respect your food guidelines. Communicate them in a very positive, straightforward way i.e. “We really do not want our child to have any sugar treats. We would really appreciate if you would follow our request.”

3. Have a non-sugar treat available as an option.

4. Apply this approach to whatever issues are important for you i.e. Sleep schedules, non violent toys, child-friendly videos and TV choices.

5. Schedule activities to accommodate their sleep schedule. If your child is still taking a nap and there is just no way you can accommodate that, then make plans to be home for an early dinner and bed. If you stay out too late and your child has not napped, you could experience having them fall asleep on the way home, which may cause further sleep issues that night.

6. Make sure they are getting as much rest as they need and as much nutrition as they request. This increases the chance of having a happier, and well behaved child.

7. Follow your own rules. Think before you speak and do not change your mind. You will instantly erode your own credibility if you do.

Do Not

1. Over schedule. Plan some home quiet time!

2. Lose your cool! Take a deep breath when circumstances appear to be getting out of control. Give yourself a minute to assess the situation and make the most reasonable choice available.

3. You family is creating memories you will talk about for a long time! Help them be fun, positive, rewarding and entertaining!!!!

Good luck!