Every parent we have ever met wants to have a smart child and be a smart parent. Raising a child is the most important responsibility anyone will ever have and can provide the most pleasure and reward.

SMART PARENT/SMART CHILD is the revolutionary philosophy that all children are incredibly intelligent from the moment they are born. When parents have learned understanding, respect, highly developed communication and relationship skills and development related expertise, it is amazing what a child can accomplish and, in fact, each child will achieve his maximum potential.

Our mission is to help you achieve that goal. The key to a child's education and success is a skilled, knowledgeable, informed and educated parent.

This blog addresses specific issues, to really be the best parent possible the book is a must!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parent Questionaire:

Are you frustrated and frazzled?

If you answer “Yes” to even one of the following questions,
 you more than likely need Smart Parent/Smart Child.

1.  Are you constantly having to feed your infant because 
     he never seems satisfied?
2.  Does your five month old child still wake up during 
     the night even when he is not sick?
3.  Do you have to always “help” your infant to go to 
    sleep instead of him doing it on his own?
4  .Has your pediatrician told you “you will just have to 
     tough it out” when he is diagnosed with “colic”?
5.  Are you bribing your child to eat his vegetables?
6.  Do you have to pick up your child and carry him even 
     though he can walk because he doesn’t listen to you?
7.  Are you and your partner always disagreeing on what 
     action to take when he misbehaves?
8.  Have you been embarrassed when he had a tantrum 
     in public?  
9.  Are you following advice from numerous sources i.e. 
     pediatricians, books, family or friends and getting 
     unacceptable results?
10. Do you think it doesn’t matter what you say to your 
     child because he doesn’t understand, anyway?
11. Do you ever lose control and scream at him or physically 
      punish him?
12. Do you excuse his aggressive behavior because you 
      think he will grow out of it?
13. Are you waiting until he is older to teach him the 
      importance of honesty and respect?
     “how to learn” and “how to be self confident”?

Smart Parent/Smart Child answers all these questions and
provides all the knowledge, directives and guidelines 
for the best parenting experience and a lifetime of success.

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