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Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Have an Enjoyable and Rewarding Travel Experience For You And Your Child

Kenneth and Margaret, parents of a two year old and a four year old are planning a long distance trip this summer for the first time since they became parents. They are hearing horror stories from their friends are wondering whether there can be a plan that will increase the probability of this adventure being enjoyable.

Travel can be a maturing and educating experience for any family, but it requires a detailed plan with guidelines, rules, goals, flexibility and patience.

-Involve your child in as many of the details as possible.
-Outline your trip on a map with a bright marker.
-Write in departure and return dates a week before you leave.
-If you are visiting friends and or family write down any important names.
-Talk about important locations you will visit.
-Know ahead of time what the living/sleeping arrangements will be.  If you are sharing one bedroom, arrange for fold out beds, sleeping bags, pack and plays, or whatever is available so everyone has their own space.  The only exception to this is if you are camping in a tent- that is a very different adventure!
-Look for every opportunity to give your child additional responsibilities.
-Provide a separate backpack for each child. Include a selection of their favorite books, toys, music, coloring books, blank paper to draw on, puzzles ect.
-Add in a few new items (Choose items that will require some discovery)
-If you are staying with family, make sure you request that they partner with you and respect your roles with your children.
-Pack snacks that are high in protein and low on salt and sugar.  This is especially necessary if you have long flights or long car drives.

Do not:
-Plan so many activities that your child becomes exhausted. Try to stay on a schedule without reasonable sleep times. Nothing spoils travel faster than overtired children.
-Do not bend you own rules. You child will feel much more secure and safe.
-Do not forget to use every opportunity to verbally reward good behavior and unexpected accomplishment.
-Do not intentionally cancel naps.  Everyone needs a break in the middle of the day. Canceling naps does not mean they will automatically go to bed earlier in the evening.

Best Advice
-Keep your cool no matter what.  Take a deep breath and discuss as a group what the next best solution is for whatever has gone wrong.
-Do not ruin the trip over any small incident.

You will be amazed at how responsible and involved your child will be when given the opportunity.
Good luck and safe travels! For more amazing tips on raising a happy, healthy child you can purchase Smart Parent/Smart Child Here!

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