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Friday, September 9, 2016

Professional Therapy! It Is Not An Embarrassment – It Is a Wise Decision!

Raising children has always been the most important and challenging responsibility!

We have established a relationship with our parents that involves daily updates, effective directives to gain positive results when any behavior needs improvement, and if appropriate, counseling sessions with both parents.

We have had ongoing improvements and mostly excellent results with this approach. However, for certain situations, the process has demanded more time and in some cases, more knowledge than we have.

In these cases, we recommend family therapy with a practicing psychotherapist who has been wonderfully successfully with several previous families.

Even in this current culture where people seek expert advice for all their personal issues, we have found that to some of our parents this suggestion is a public admission of some level of failure.

In some cases, it has taken a lot of persuasion and in others the parents resisted until the behavior accelerated and the child was transferred to a special needs daycare. In one instance, he situation exploded with the child and parent while they were at our daycare. The parents then realized the child’s behavior was out of control and a sibling’s safety was at risk.

There is no embarrassment! Like all other problems in life, situations that have negative components always become more serious and sever when neglected!

Taking positive corrective action at the beginning is always the best solution! Your only concern is doing the best thing for your child and family! It is never what anyone else thinks!

Good luck!

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