Every parent we have ever met wants to have a smart child and be a smart parent. Raising a child is the most important responsibility anyone will ever have and can provide the most pleasure and reward.

SMART PARENT/SMART CHILD is the revolutionary philosophy that all children are incredibly intelligent from the moment they are born. When parents have learned understanding, respect, highly developed communication and relationship skills and development related expertise, it is amazing what a child can accomplish and, in fact, each child will achieve his maximum potential.

Our mission is to help you achieve that goal. The key to a child's education and success is a skilled, knowledgeable, informed and educated parent.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring and Parenting! They are both about new surprises!

The child laughing at a joke you didn't think they understood, and the flower that appears on a plant before it's time.

The child who figures out the shapes cube,  and the sunbeam coming through the window reflecting on the daycare wall.

The child who writes their alphabet letters by themselves, and the sun still shinning late in the day so we can play outside.

Our parenting world and spring are full of new discoveries and surprises!

We are wishing everyone a joyful spring and parenting experience.

Stop to appreciate the surprises of spring and your child's world. Enjoy and Good luck!

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