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Friday, July 3, 2015

Why Is It Important That a Child’s Shoes Are The Right Fit With Room To Grow?

Brian is now 14 years old. Sometime between two and three years old he began to walk up on his toes. No one in his family was concerned, they thought it was a phase and he would grow out of it. Unfortunately he didn’t. By the time a new family physician became aware, he immediately recommended an orthopedic specialist and Brian now has casts on both his legs and is in therapy to correct the skeletal issues that have occurred.

There is an opinion that the behavior could have started as a result of shoes that did not fit well and became a lifelong habit.

Does this sound extreme? It does to me, except that we have had children who sporadically would not walk or walked with one foot at a right angle to the other, or cried when we went outside on a warm sunny day when their feet would swell and cause so much discomfort they just stood still or sat down and tried to remove their shoes.  

A child’s Feet are a critical component to the health and shape of the skeletal system!

1.       Take the time, at least once a year, during their first five years, to have an expert measure their feet so they are wearing the correct style and size of shoe. This could also include any need for extra support.
2.       A child’s feet often grow before the rest of their body does. After they have worn a pair of shoes for 6 weeks to two months, check them out! Press one foot (usually the right one is larger) on the outside sole of the shoe as though they are walking. They need at least one finger width space at the toe of the shoe and ½ a finger space on one side.
3.       Have climate appropriate footwear. When your child wears open sandals made of leather or strong synthetics at the beginning of a warm season you may need to include socks, especially if they are being worn for the first few times. This will avoid discomfort and possible skin blisters.
4.       Be aware of how your child is walking. Are they “toeing”? Is their ankle getting enough support? Are they walking as though they are Flat Footed? This might indicate a lower than necessary arch.
5.       Ask yourself if it will be ok if this becomes a permanent walking style as an adult.

Do not
1.       Ever let your child wear second hand shoes. It is almost impossible that your child’s foot shape and body style perfectly match another’s.  Pass on it even if the shoes look hardly worn. Clothing budgets are important and shoes can be expensive.

Watch for sales of acceptable brands, and maybe make an extra effort to save some costs on the rest of their wardrobe so you are not creating a hardship. That’s how important this issue is!

Will your situation ever become as serious as the case study? I seriously doubt it. But beyond that you are always aiming for the best possible circumstances for your child and this is an important one!

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