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Friday, September 25, 2015

Why I Know My Dads Are The Best Ever!

David arrives to pick up his daughter and find Amelia in a testy mood. He comments on her attitude and inquires why she is challenging him. She replies that she couldn’t participate fully in dace time again because she lacked a skirt that she could swing. Rather than negate her feelings, he acknowledges that he has noticed that the other older girls in the group are always wearing dresses which most of the time, especially on dance day, border on being fancy.

He assures her that he is listening and recognizes that she rarely asks for anything. But he is concerned that she is copying them rather than thinking for herself. “I want you to be independent and think for yourself and not copy others!” Her response is that she loves this type of dressing and does not want to be in pants and t-shirt all of the time.  After a short discussion I assure him that she is not a follower, as we expect everyone to think for themselves. He commits to take her shopping that weekend.

Amelia came to daycare Monday with a new appliqued shirt and swing skirt. She informed us there are also some new dresses in her wardrobe and, best of all, she and her dad had a great time shopping. We have always had some fantastic dads at our daycare. But right now, that seems to apply to all of them.

Here are some of the reasons we feel that way.

      1. Peter takes his three year old daughter to a ball game and he also takes her to see Swan Lake.

      2. Doug agrees to take care of a one year old neighbor’s child who also attends our daycare, even though that particular evening he is on his own to care for his own 2 and 4 year old.

      3. Michael decides to give up his “blankie” that he has saved since he was a child and considered a treasure because he is now aware that his three year old son has been negatively affected by his own “blankie” and wants to give it up.

      4. Paul is solo parenting for two weeks with a one year old and a three year old while their mom is traveling for two weeks on business.

      5. Bill takes his four year old and nine year old camping so their mom can have a vacation with some of her friends.

      6.  Hank comes to pick up his son and notices he is looking at a picture book upside down. He gently alerts him that he needs to turn the book around since he should have noticed that the banana picture did not look right. He smiles and says that he is working with him on his perceptions skills. His son is 16 months old.

These are just some highlights that stand out in my mind. But the really exciting part is how proactive, involved and responsible all the dads are. They have enormous respect for their children's intelligence and are involved in every aspect of their lives.

They are truly parenting partners who also respect the children’s moms in terms of both their personal and professional needs.

What we are witnessing bodes very well for our children’s futures! They are redefining what masculine really means!

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