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Friday, August 12, 2016

Our Graduation Celebration!

Like all graduations, this one came with very mixed feelings. We are so proud of their accomplishments but are also already feeling some anxiety not having them with us every day.

They are moving on to kindergarten and are confident, skilled, knowledgeable, assertive and best friends. They are also a little sad that they will be in different schools.

If they follow the path of many of our former graduates, they will still be friends in college.

Interestingly, we noticed some measurable social changes this year that may have been happening for a while. Our five year old girls (yes, it was only girls) were already behaving as if they were in middle school. Their primary social activity was to “hang out” and talk. Even when they were encouraged to play a game it would quickly evolve into a conversation that seemed to go on forever.

Their favorite entertainment? Playing beauty parlor which included hair styling, facial care and makeup. They were much more conscious of each other’s wardrobes than I can remember former graduates being.

Socially, they were much more aware than former students. I am sure that this was a progression over the years but this year became their focus.

The exciting part is that all this did not detract from their academic interest and performance. They excelled in reading, critical thinking and even mastered early levels of grammatical structure.

Every year these wonderful children amaze me!

We will really miss them, but we are so proud!


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