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Friday, August 5, 2016

The challenge of toilet training a strong willed, independent twenty month old!

Krista joined our daycare when she was twelve months old. We realized after several months that she was not only intelligent, but also opinionated, highly skilled, and extremely independent.

She fit right in with our philosophy and thrived in our environment. Our approach worked easily and effectively with her, so we were not completely surprised when at eighteen months, she began resisting having her diaper changed.

We suggested that if she did not like to have her diaper changed, then she was going to have to use the toilet.

After a few days of this ongoing interaction, she arrived one day, walked into the bathroom, moved the stool in front of the toilet, climbed up and tried to take her diaper off. We worked out the logistics with her and began our training.

The challenge with her was acknowledging she needed to be in control, rather than our usual process of taking our training child to the bathroom on a schedule of timed intervals.

She was able to hold her pee much longer than most children in training, so we found ourselves being very anxious that she would have accidents.

If anything, she often sat on the toilet for twenty to thirty minutes before completing her bathroom task.

Periodically, we found ourselves doubting she could last so long between trips to the bathroom. It was hard to back off and let her be in control.

She continued to be in a diaper for her night bedtime, but never had an accident during naptime and was doing her bowel movements in the toilet by the third day.

Fortunately, we have had several children over the years like Krista, both boys and girls.

The keys to our success with children were:

1. Really respecting what we already know about their personality type and believing it would transfer successfully to one of the most demanding and mature responsibilities a young child has.

2. Creating an environment where they have clear guidelines and expectations and their strengths are encouraged and supported.

3.Understanding that when a  child is acknowledged as intelligent, you will often be astonished where their abilities will take them.

4. Not letting the fact that they are learning new skills faster than expected interfere with their development.

5. Making whatever adjustments necessary to support them!

Enjoy that challenge every day! 

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