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SMART PARENT/SMART CHILD is the revolutionary philosophy that all children are incredibly intelligent from the moment they are born. When parents have learned understanding, respect, highly developed communication and relationship skills and development related expertise, it is amazing what a child can accomplish and, in fact, each child will achieve his maximum potential.

Our mission is to help you achieve that goal. The key to a child's education and success is a skilled, knowledgeable, informed and educated parent.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why Moms Deserve A Special Day!

1.       They love you no matter what, even if they don’t like what you did or said.
2.       Their hug can heal all!
3.       They are the best booker reader in the world because they make the story come alive.
4.       They hold your hand while you are walking into the ocean or pool for the first time.
5.       They think all your drawings are beautiful.
6.       When you talk about being a mom or dad someday, they tell you it is the best job in the world.
7.       When you fall in love with space or science or teaching or business or art, they encourage you to follow your dream.
8.       They are overjoyed if you say you want to be like them but make you understand there will be a lot of hard work and that you can do it!
9.       Nobody welcomes you into their arms like they do.
10.   There are some foods she makes that are so delicious and special that you don’t want to eat anyone’s but here.

And these are just some of the reasons we have given her a special day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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