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Friday, July 28, 2017

Candy As a Reward At The Doctor’s Office? I Don’t Think So! And I Need Your Help!

I am repeatedly appalled, disbelieving, shocked and outraged when one of my children returns to daycare from a doctor’s appointment with the news that they were given a lollipop (this seems to be the candy of choice) because they behaved during a checkup.

This occurs with pediatric and dental appointments.

With all the knowledge available about the importance of healthy eating habits and the well documented information that not only is sugar not part of a healthy diet, but it can also have an impact on a child’s physical behavior.

I know that periodically some study will state that sugar has little to no effect on behavior, but I am positive that if you poll daycare owners and employees, they will state otherwise.

For example: for days after Halloween, many children are hyperactive and unable to relax and cope and in some cases, are bouncing off the walls. We often see this at holiday time as well.

I realize that this reaction could also be affected by loss of sleep, but sugar input seems to be the bigger factor.

I am calling on all of the parents who are reading this blog to communicate with their child’s pediatrician and dentist that non sugar rewards be made available in their offices and sugar items removed.

Challenge them to be responsible and creative! They could provide:
-A small toy
-A selection of stickers
-Small activities

Both your pediatrician and dentist represent an authority figure in the health care world.

The message they are giving your child by this practice is undermining your authority and practices, as well as telling your child it is acceptable to eat unhealthy food.

Please take a minute to follow up today!

1 comment:

  1. Candy was never an option at the Drs office growing up... it was always stickers or temporary tattoos.