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Friday, July 7, 2017

Why Dads Deserve A Special Day!!!

My apologies to all the amazing dads out there who follow my blog, because of personal issues I missed the appropriate timing of this blog. Sorry!

1. The proud look on the face of the dad walking his twins sons in the double seated stroller down Sunset Boulevard.

2. Five year old Martha happily leaves daycare early with her dad to attend a performance of The Nutcracker.

3. All the dads who encourage a challenging risk for a child building their confidence and maturity i.e. taking the training wheels off the bicycle or climbing the tree branch that looks too high.

4. The sight of the dad at the supermarket with an infant in the shopping cart and a three year old helping him push the cart while they discuss the grocery list.

5. The dad who asks to be taught to make braids that his daughter wants.

6. The dad who encouraged his wife to attend an award dinner in Europe acknowledging her publication of a design book while he cared for a six month old and a four year old.

7. The entrepreneur dad who takes his daughter to the office at least once a month to expose her to the environment and lets her sit in on the meetings.

8. The dad who takes time off from work to take his two year old son to the auto show.

9. The dad who picks up his son and daughter and takes them to the court to play basketball.

10. All the dads who hug their children when they drop them off at daycare and also when they pick them up. You feel like it is the most important moment to them.

Even though thousands of dads are directly and deeply involved in their child’s life, it is still very heartwarming to see a dad/child connection, especially in a non-traditional scene.
Thanks and congratulations to all the dads who have a lose and meaningful relationship in their child’s life!

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