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Friday, February 12, 2016

Awesome Parenting!

As I am checking out of a supermarket I overhear the following conversation.

Boy (5/6 years old): “Mom, can I have this?” as he holds up a bag of Skittles.

Mom: “I don’t think so. If you had had an awesome morning I might think about it, but you didn’t.”

Boy: “I’ll have one now”

Mom: “It’s already one o’clock, it’s too late for any awesomeness, sorry.”

The boy returns the package to the rack without a word and the mom exchanges several comments with a friend at the next checkout. The friend then leaves with, “So long! Great Family. See you later!”

My Observations:

There was also a dad and sister (8 or 9 years old) but neither made any comment. The tone was friendly and warm but firm.

I immediately concluded:

-This family understands that there are behavior standards and values that are lived by.

-The parents are in agreement and consistent, hence why the boy did not beg or whine or act out.

-The girl did not speak out either because she respects her parents’ role.

-The comment by the friend tells me this is how they interact and behave all the time. Hence their 
label of “Great family”.

What a heartwarming moment it was for me!

Every time there are parents who are in total agreement on behavior standards, values and are 100% consistent, this is the result. I would hope it is everyone’s goal!
Congratulations to this family and everyone like them!


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