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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bringing Your Newborn Home

A Post by Cynthia Anka

Congratulations to the proud parents! Whether it is your first or your fifth, the awe, thrill, excitement and nervousness is the same. A new life has been born and becomes a real person and a part of you as a family. Cherish this moment as it is the beginning of so many special moments ahead.

The first two weeks are a mixed-bag of emotions. Fatigue, recovery, wonder, focus, puzzlement and adjustment. My most important words of advice that I want to share are to take this time for you, your baby and your family. 

- Eat and sleep on the same rhythm as your newborn.

- Give the same attention to your needs as your newborn's. 

- Eat, sleep and drink fluids! 

- Don't worry about the laundry and the household chores.

- Leave the techno outside the door.

This is your time to recover and relax. This is your time to bond with this new person and get to know each other. It is a time for reassurance. Your newborn is discovering the new world outside. It is the time for learning how to "talk" and get needs met. The first two weeks are recovery for them as well. Now it is important to gain weight and learn the feeding/sleeping rhythm.

I do understand that there may be circumstances that could hinder this happening perfectly. I also know that families and friends like to come and visit and wish you well and see your child. I strongly urge you to keep this to a minimum and very low key. It is exhausting and distracting for you and your family. However, these visitors can be of help to you. Helping around the house, making sure you have healthy meals prepared and ready to eat, or helping with the other children would be all amazing ways to give you the support you would need during this time. 

Each child has his/her own body rhythm. Each child KNOWS his/her own body rhythm. Sleep will be continuous. There is no real awake time (for the first 3 months). Sleep and being fully satiated are the two key factors to healthy growth.

The average is as follows:

- 2oz (60cc) every 2-2.5 hours (may sleep longer if needed. will wake when hungry) for the first 2 weeks
- 3oz (90cc) every 3-4  hours for 2-3 weeks
- 4oz (120cc) every 3.5-4+ hours for 3-4 weeks

After the first 2 weeks, you should be feeling more like yourself again (EXCEPT FOR NOT SLEEPING AS MUCH OF COURSE). You can now get up and around more. Do remember that you still need to do all of the above because you will be waking around the clock for a little while and want to stay healthy and give your child the very best you can.

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