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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions of New Parents

A Cynthia Anka Post

Parents have so many questions about all the information they have heard from so many different sources: OB, mid-wife, doula, hospital staff, lactation specialist, parents, grandparents, parenting books, online sites, blogs and so on.

    Here are some answers to some of the frequent questions I have been asked.

Bottles? I recommend Avent and Born Free. Both are eco-friendly and easy to use. The nipples work really well and the flow is accurate for the age stated.

    *Nipple sizes change with the growth of the child. Milk flow needs to flow easily as your child wants to feed in a quick rhythm. If they have to work hard, they will tire easily and only eat enough to not be hungry, not enough to be satiated.

Formulas? In general, organic is a healthy choice. Earth's Best and Baby's Only are well liked by parents and infants. There are many choices should your infant have a medical issue. Do your best to choose the one best suited as too many changes will throw off the feeding rhythm.

    *Powder is the preferred over ready-to-feed (ok in a pinch). Easy to make; fill bottles ahead with water and just add powder at the feed or take in proportioned containers on the go. When mixing, do not shake vigorously. Turn up and down and swirl until well mixed. Uncap to release air bubbles and close (not too tightly or will create suction and be difficult to feed).

Diapers? An assortment of brands fitting all shapes and sizes. Natural and chemical free will be gentler for your infant. Ages on label are not always accurate. It can sometimes be trial and error.

    *Sizing changes comparable to age. Newborn (first 2-3 weeks), Size1-1 month. Size 2-2 months. Size 3-3 months. Size 4-4 months. Size 5-5 months. Size 6-6 months- underwear.

    *Top of diaper should fit to the belly button. Sides should easily close with tabs meeting in the middle. When the diaper is mid-way between belly button and groin and you are tugging to close the tabs, it is time to change to next size. Important for belly expansion when feeding and elimination.

Bumpers? An important safety item and a must have. Recent recommendations have been either no bumper or the mesh style. The first risk is that your infant will get either arms, legs or both stuck in between the bars and/or hurt themselves banging into the sides while "traveling" in their sleep. The second is that the mesh is not child-proof and can shred and be eaten.

    *100% cotton
    *Polyester filled or Organic

    *Fits evenly all around the crib

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