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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Joy of Dads and Their Children Sharing Experiences Together!

We are enjoying a current increase in sales of our parenting book to dads more than moms. It reminds me of how delighted I am when I see dads and their children bonding in every possible kind of way!

There is something so special about dads taking on routine, but demanding childcare, as well as prioritizing their non-work time to spend it with their children.

I realize that our current dads are more likely to be very involved with their young children’s lives than former generations, but every time I witness it or experience it, it makes me smile.

Here are some of my most recent experiences.

A Dad:

1. Picking up his 3 and a half year old son from daycare while he already has his four month old daughter in a baby Bjorn. They are off to the supermarket to shop for the family.

2.  Celebrating father’s day at a Chinese restaurant and obviously educating his child about the experience of totally new foods.

3. Taking a day off from work to take his five year old daughter and two year old son to an amusement park.

4. Being the sole caregiver for his four year old son and fourteen month old daughter while their mom is out of town on business. The unexpected challenge was that they both got sick and it did not occur to him to ask for help.

5. Trying to braid his daughter’s hair before taking her to school.

6. Trying to keep up with a very young toddler who is exploring the mall.

7. Going shopping with his five year old daughter and trying to select items she will love.

8. Taking his son to a ballet class because that is what he wants to do.

9. Who takes the time to let his fourteen month old daughter come down the stairs by herself, even though he is behind schedule to catch his early morning flight. He is so respectful of her skill and intelligence.

All these dad and many more are committed to being completely involved in their children’s lives!

Good luck to all of them!  

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