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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sleep and food rhythm for a Newborn

A Cynthia Anka Post

-Sleeps all the time the first 2 months and just "wakes" to eat. Will sleep through almost the whole feeding time. Changing the diaper halfway through feeding time will help to "wake" an infant to assist in continuing to feed and be satiated.

-At two months, will be a bit more awake and alert during feeding time. Still may doze off but not as deep as earlier on. Still will be changing the diaper halfway through feed

-At 3 months, will be more alert during the feed and feeding time will extent to about 11/2-13/4 hours. Will be awake no longer than 2 hours. 
( this happens when infant is sleeping through the night...11+hours. this happens between 3-4 months)

Food rhythm;

-Feeds are irregular the first week or two. Some infants eat every 2 hours and some eat and then sleep for long stretches. Each handles the "trauma" of birth differently and each mother produces milk differently. Bottle fed infants can have somewhat of a set rhythm but still unpredictable.

-By week 3, will be eating every 3-4 hours around the clock. Volume will be average of 3-4 oz. By week 4, volume should increase to 4 oz.

-By week 8, will be eating every 4 hours with an increase in sleep time to a 5-6 hour stretch in the night. Will decrease to 2 night feeds. Volume will be average of 6 oz. Will increase 1 oz each week.

-By week 12, will be eating every 4 hours with 4 feeds in 12 hours. Volume will be average of 8 oz. 

All of the above is a general, average list. There will be some variation in time and volume depending upon individual traits.  

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