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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More advice on breastfeeding

A Cynthia Anka Post

Even thought breastfeeding is a natural element of childbirth, it is not always as easy as expected. For many different reasons, it can be challenging. The most common question asked is "How can I be sure I will have enough milk to feed my infant?"

A healthy pregnancy is the key to getting started. Eating well, sleeping well, exercise and good mental health all contribute to being ready when the time comes. 

- Prolactin is the hormone for milk stimulation
- Prolactin level rises during pregnancy
- Prolactin, Insulin and Cortisol/Oxytocin is the combination for milk production
- Colostrum is the first "milk": thick, creamy and rich in enzymes and immunity
- Real milk is expressed in 3-5 days from delivery of placenta
- Colostrum is usually satisfying; may have to supplement bigger infants
- Focus on you: Continue to eat well, sleep well, drink water. NO DIETING
- Allow your infant to eat when hungry. Will feed better and fuller and sleep longer which will allow your body to produce the volume necessary for the next time. This tells your body how much food your infant needs to be satiated.
- Pumping is your back up. Best time is usually about 3 weeks after delivery.
- Pumping will send a message that the infant has eaten and to replenish the volume
- Take your prenatal vitamins
- Enhancers:
    Mother's Milk Tea
    Mother's Milk Tincture
    Non alcoholic dark beer
    Healthy eating habits
    Healthy fatty foods ( oils, avocado, meats, poultry,  etc)

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