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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Possible complications during breastfeeding

A Cynthia Anka Post

- Mastitis: infection and swelling of the breast, usually caused by a blocked duct
- Bacteria enters thru cracks in the nipple
- Soreness, redness, fever, yellow pus, fatigue; sign of infection
- Inverted nipples
- Sore/cracked nipples; issues with latching on

- If any of the above conditions occur, call your OBGYN and obtain advice
- If antibiotics are necessary, you will pump and dump your milk (supplement with stored milk or formula)
- Keep nipples clean and dry
- Clean before and after feeding

- Engorged: Fast let-down of milk thru ducts: swelling of tissue with milk, increase blood supply; hard and tender, skin shiny and hot
- Pump or manually express 1oz to relieve the breast before feeding. Advisable to pump after feeding to empty the breast and avoid
   the same thing happening at the next feed
- Apply moist heat 30 minutes (approximately) before a feed
- Massage breast

- Blocked ducts:
   Nursing will help eliminate this problem and get milk to flow
   Massage down from top of breast to nipple either for comfort or before feeding
   Warm compresses
   Wear loose clothing
   Keep breast clean

- Helpful products:
   Aloe vera gel
   Slippery Elm
   Avocado Oil
   Olive oil
   Nipple covers
- Wash off any product before feeding
- Do not use soap, rubbing alcohol, or petroleum based products
- Air dry breast after washing

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