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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Helpful List For New Parents

A Cynthia Anka Post

In the beginning:

        Shopping can be overwhelming. So many stores; so many choices! That does not include the baby shower gifts, hand-me downs from friends and family, and take-home from the hospital. 

        Best not to overbuy. Growing happens every day and infants outgrow clothes and diapers faster than you can imagine. It happens almost by the month. It is very important that the fit has a little room for moving and growing. 

        The following is a practical short-term and long-term list for new parents:

- Crib 
- Bassinet (for first 2 months)
- Firm 100% cotton mattress (organic is the best choice)
- 100% cotton waterproof mattress pad cover
- 100% cotton crib sheets, bassinet sheets, changing pad sheets
- Firm cotton bumper 
- Newborn diapers (not too many) ( for 8lbs or smaller)
- Pacifiers
- Wipes (can use cotton pads and warm water for the first 3 weeks)
- Dresser with changing pad
- Caddy or basket for products
- Onesies - socks - feet pjs - sleeper gowns
- Burp cloths
- Wash cloths for bird bath
- Swaddle blankets ( optional) (can use to cover over car seat when needed)
- Organic shampoo/body wash, body lotion
- Organic bum rash cream
- Monitor
- Pump - bottles - freezer storage bags - nursing pads - nursing bras - 
- Formula - bottles - nipples - drying rack - bottle brush
- Sterilizer ( optional)
- Eco friendly laundry soap, dish soap
- Bottle warmer ( optional)
- Boppy ( optional)
- Stroller/car seat
- Genie or wastebasket/ bags
- Chair - side table - night light or dimmer on room light
- Clock
- Air purifier (optional)
- Humidifier (optional)
- Hamper

This should be a good start without overbuying. Happy shopping and for more newborn advice check out our post on How to find the feeding rhythm of your newborn!

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