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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Foods to Avoid Eating When You Have a Newborn

A Cynthia Anka 

Food List: What to Avoid

The foods you ingest have a direct impact on your infant's digestion and growth. You are what you eat!  Everything you eat and drink metabolize into your milk. (Medications too)

Firstly, avoid any foods that you or your husband/partner are allergic to or having trouble digesting as there is a likelihood your newborn may have similar issues. 

The following is a list of the most common foods that have been selected as difficult for infants:

    - Spinach
    - Kale
    - Broccoli
    - Cauliflower
    - Onions
    - Tomatoes
    - Cucumbers
    - Asparagus
    - Spicy foods
    - Beans (gassy): black, garbanzo, kidney, white
    - Citrus; pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lemon
When your infant is about 3 months of age and the digestive system is beginning to mature, you can slowly introduce one of the above foods and wait 24-48 hours for a reaction. It will usually occur sooner. If negative, stop and try again in a month or two. If the reaction is strong, best to eliminate from your menu until you have stopped breastfeeding.

This next list is the one that gets the biggest reaction from the Moms. Do try to follow as best you can by avoiding all together. There are also substitutes that are just as tasty!


- Dairy
- Nuts
- Chocolate
- Caffeine
- Diet Soda
- Sugar

These should be avoided until you have discontinued breastfeeding. The reaction can be very serious and therefore, not worth taking the chance.

There are still plenty of foods to eat even though most Moms have the same response that "there is nothing left to eat!". The common feeling is they have given up a lot while pregnant and think everything goes back to pre-baby all at once. Not exactly. Still a little bit of sacrifice to make but it is well worth it. 

The menu is full of proteins and grains and all the fruits and vegetable not listed above.

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