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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Breastfeeding Tips

A Cynthia Anka Post

There are some essential ingredients that go into a successful breastfeeding experience:

-Keep yourself healthy, eat and sleep well.
-Exercise sensibly.
-Drink water.
-Take prenatal vitamins.
-Consult with your care provider regularly.
-Be attentive if you have a medical condition.

All of the above will be very positive for milk production. Your main focus is having rich creamy milk as this will be the kind that satiates your infant. Volume will fill them up, but quality enables them to grow fully and have cute, chubby rolls which are necessary for early development. Weight gain and fat production for internal growth will also occur. Upon birth, milk production begins. Colostrum will be your first milk. Thick, creamy, and rich in enzymes and immunity. Real milk usually comes in 3-5 days.

More tips:

-Get lots of rest!
-Drink water, especially while feeding.
-Eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day. No dieting!
-Keep exercise to a minimum. Walking is fine when you are mobile.
-Allow your infant to eat when hungry, they will latch well and eat better if so.
-Iron can be constipating, consume an appropriate amount.
-Pumping is a back up usually starting around 3 weeks.
-Pump after each feed to empty fully.
-Your body will refill and be ready for the next feed.
-Pump if skipping a feed.
-Milk can be stored in fridge for up to five days.
-It can also be stored in freezer up to 5 months.

You may need milk enhancing products to help you production, do not worry if this is the case! Some recommended ones are:
-Mother’s milk tea.
-Mother’s milk tincture.
-Non alcoholic dark beer.

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