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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Newborn Constipation Issues

A Cynthia Anka Post

Mitch and Leslie have a 2.5 month old son Matthew who was born 5 weeks premature and only 3lbs 14oz. He did not need much support after his birth and went home after 3 weeks of NICU.

He has been doing very well with eating and sleeping and gaining weight. He is living his life in 2 different phases naturally which is very fascinating. He is 5 weeks old ( from due date) and 2.5 months old from delivery. 

Two days ago, I received an email:

Matthew had been doing great until a couple of days ago. He was eating a lot but spitting up and not sleeping. Had been constipated for 2 days. Crying and pushing and out of his rhythm. Please help.

I asked what had happened that might have set this pattern in motion. His mother was not sure. He had a doctor's visit and had been given a shot. 

- The doctor visit will affect the daily rhythm. Eating and sleeping will be thrown out of sync. 
- Immunizations will affect each child differently. Constipation can occur as well as other symptoms like fever, crying. not eating and not sleeping. 

At 2.5 months, his food volume had increased to 6-7oz 4x/day with one feed in the night. This is a large volume for an 8lb infant. He was trying to consume the volume but was not sleeping and eating too often and not having enough rest time between feeds to digest. This is why he was spitting up and constipated. 

- Need to spread out the feed. He will eat what he wants the first part of the feed and then needs to take a 20 minute rest to digest and burp and then have his diaper changed and get ready to settle down.
   Then he will "top off" the rest of the feed. Then hold him 15-20 minutes to digest and burp and settle and then place him on the bed.
- Needs to have 3-4 hours between feeds to be able to be hungry enough for the next feed and eat well

- Give a small amount of water or chamomile tea in a dropper.
- Massage abdomen with massage oil or lotion. clockwise and counter clockwise.
- Push knees up, place hands on his feet an rotate legs in both directions
- Place in warm bath or place warm cloth on abdomen
- If none of the above works, lay infant down on clean diaper and place rectal thermometer slowly and gently just a few inches into anus. Hold for a few seconds and remove. 

Leslie only had to try the first option and let me know that he started to eliminate very quickly and had done 4 BMs that day. Good news.

His eating and sleeping pattern fell back into place. 

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