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Friday, May 27, 2016

How Can You Keep Your Family On A Healthy Schedule During Holiday/Vacation Season?

Here we are starting holiday and vacation time again with all the demands of more travel, visits with friends and family, outdoor summer activities, and vacations from daycare and school schedules.

I was reminded of this when four of our children on Monday were absolutely exhausted and having a difficult time handling normal tasks and relationships. These children each napped for four hours, more than double their normal sleep pattern.

To achieve a successful summer season, you need to have some plans in place!


1.Accommodate an earlier bedtime if your child is going to miss their afternoon nap. Your daily activity should not extend past their dinner time.

2. Plan a nap if they will be involved in an activity that will delay their night bedtime.

3. Monitor sugar content in their diet and keep it to a minimum. It is so easy when you are off their normal routine to end up with a high sugar diet.

4. Always have healthy snacks handy. Stick to the rule of “no snacks prior to meal time”.

5. Make sure that family and friends are advised of rules that are important to you and expect them to follow your request.

6. Consider your child’s best interest when arranging sleep accommodations. If you are traveling or having sleepover guests, no sharing an adult bed. Inflatable beds are a great option. Your child will reward you if their sleep pattern in not disturbed.

7. Have a backpack for each child if you are traveling away from home. Include a few of their favorite toys and books and a few new ones that will have long entertainment value. Avoid toys with small parts that may be easily lost.

Do Not

1. Arrange long exhausting travel days. It only takes one of them to disrupt your child’s behavior.

2. Introduce them to more than one new food at a time in case it disrupts their digestive system or they have an allergic reaction.

3. Expect them to be surrounded by adults all the time and benefit from that. Connect with child friendly adventures all the way instead.

4Summers that are planned at home or away from a child friendly perspective can be wonderful experiences, entertaining and educations. Consider their interests and needs and you will be overjoyed with the results. Also check out my other post on Holiday Tips For Parents

Start off with a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday. 

Talk to you next week! 

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